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Real soil

I am a great believer in science however I am concerned about the way science is used (or abused).

Antibiotics must be one of the great achievements of science saving countless lives yet we feed antibiotics to animals simply because it makes them grow fatter and faster so makes more profit.


bacteria Next time you or I go to hospital we run the risk of becoming infected with some bacteria which has evolved to become immune to even our most powerful antibiotics.

There is no polite way of describing this - it is just crazy and immoral.

Most people understand that the current system of factory farming and processing food is unhealthy - too much fat, sugars and salt and lacking critical vitamins, minerals and fibre. It is slowly but surely killing or maiming us and costing the health system billions of dollars.

donutWe all love factory food; it is cheap, tastes good, convenient and addictive. It makes the food industry – the world’s largest industry – a lot of money.

When we talk about science we tend to think of the latest electronic gadget or computer. Certainly big business but now a mature technology – the new kid on the block is biology which is teaching us so much.

We know that there are more bacteria in our guts than in our entire body – they are totally crucial. They help us digest our food; they create vitamin K which our bodies cannot. (Did you know that there are only two animals that cannot synthesise vitamin C - humans and Guinea pigs).
gut bacteria But they also form part of the control system of our bodies - sending chemical messages to our brain which in turns sends messages for us to eat more or stop eating and tell our bodies whether to store extra fat.

The sort of bugs we have in our gut depend on what we eat – highly processed food make us eat more and store more as fat.

What can we do about it? We can eat more fruit and vegetables but not factory farmed relying on chemicals. We need to eat real vegetables grown in real natural soil.

The simplest, easiest and cheapest way of getting real food is to grow your own in real natural soil. (Not all just some.)

wicking beds Wicking Beds are a great technology which enables people with restricted time, space or experience to grow their own healthy vegetables. However they won’t deliver the goodies if filled with some dead inert soil – they need a living soil like nature has evolved.


But what is real natural soil?

The science of biology is greatly expanding our knowledge of soil biology but requires a different way of thinking. Classic science is essential reductionist - each scientist working on some specialist area – may be some particular species of nematodes. All good work but what really matters in soil is how it works as a system.

soilbiologyworm.jpg There are countless different species of soil biology, most as yet unidentified or studied, maybe we will get there one day but what really matters is how it works as a system – how the plants photosynthesize to produce the energy and sugars to feed the biology and how the multiple species interact with each other and the plants to create a stable living system.

But we don’t have to invent this – nature has spent billions of years evolving this system – nor do we have to understand every component in the system – what we really need to know is how to use this system for our benefit.
decompostion.jpg My aim to supply the tools where people can grow their own living soil. Nature makes soil by the biology decomposing organic material. Most people have an abundant supply of suitable material which is generally thought of as waste – food waste and weeds.

This can be transformed into nutrient rich healthy soil – all it needs is the introduction of soil biology to act as a culture and appropriate minerals.

My aim is to supply these components on a semi commercial basis. I say semi commercial because if I wanted to set up a business simply to make profits I would not choose a black messy looking mass of soil biology as a product.
grape.jpg I well understand that many people are perfectly happy with their sterile food and life style and would be put off by soil biology. I have no intention of wasting large sums of money and my time trying to convince them to change their views.

But I have a feeling that there are many people who believe that natural food is more healthy. I have been studying diet, health and soil for many years now. My first step is to provide the educational facilities for what I accept may be a small but dedicated group of people

There is vast amount of information on my web about diet, health and how to grow healthy food particularly in wicking beds.

I also appreciate that there is so much information it may be difficult to find exactly what you are looking for so I have reworked my ‘how to use this site’ to give a guide on how to access the information that you may be interested in.

Colin Austin


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