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Newsletter_1_Nov_ 2015

Newsletter_October_2015  Reply to Facebook queries

Newsletter_September_2015  Return from China

Newsletter_June_2015 How to grow (or buy) healthy vegetables.pdf

Newsletter_March_2015 The human cost of bad diet

Newsletter (Feb 2015) Wildswans Health and wicking beds
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Newsletter (Jan 2015)
Once upon a time about soil for wicking beds
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The hungry beast inside - why it is so difficult to control appetite

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Details of the grower scheme


About the Bundaberg Trials



Newsletter_July_2014 Fresh food and the Health Epidemic

Newsletter_22_June_2014 .pdf Ying Yang Food

Newsletter_8_May_2014.pdf Shanghai talk

Newletter 14_april_2014.htm
de-boggling in China

Newsletter 12 Jan 2014 
About smelly wicking beds and future plans

Decemeber 2013
Comments on Gardening Australia segment on self watering containers

Newsletter 20 November 2013
About the toxity of liners

Newsletter 1 Nov 2013

The evolution of wicking beds and their future
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Newsleter October 2013

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Newsletter 19 September 2013  The Biology Revolution

Newsletter 15 August 2013

Looks at the science behind wicking beds based on a note to Premila, our Ph. D student at the Uni of SA

Newsletter 20 June 2013

Looks at the process of science and innovation and how using the knowledge that there are two hormones which indicate we are full or hungry we can help find a diet which is best for us.

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diet scams and science.pdf

Newsletter 25 March 2013

Looks at our understanding of soil science and how we can generate good soils, particularly for wicking beds

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Also previous article on healthy food (pdf only)

diabetes and phytochemicals.pdf