Health from food using modernised traditional agriculture

cg1.jpg chinese farmer For 4,000 years farmers have been growing food the traditional way, true many people died of infectious diseases and accidents but the survivors lived to a ripe old age and were fit and healthy working in the fields into their eighties and nineties.

This is well documented in the classic book Farmers of Forty Centuries written in 1910 and it is still possible to go to the remote area of China and see agriculture as it has been practised for centuries.

cg2.jpg cripple Then after WW2 there was a transformation in agriculture to make it more 'efficient' and certainly we produce more food than ever but it has not been a clear success.

We now have the worst epidemic of chronic diseases ever, we are fatter, suffer from diabetes, strokes, heart attacks, dementia and others chronic diseases.

This is a totally new phenomena - there must be something right about a system which lasted for 4,000 years and resulted in a population of over a billion people without the modern health epidemic.

So what has gone wrong and more to the point what can be done about it?

That was a question Colin Austin asked when his wife Xiulan got diabetes, started to loose her eye sight, fell down a flight of stairs and after a successful operation to fix her bones her foot started to turn black and the doctors started talking about amputation.

Become a blind cripple and probably dying young from a heart attack is motivation enough to create action.
cg3.jpg colin and X in shanghai Colin was an early pioneer in the computer revolution and built up Australia's leading exporter of technical software - a multi-million dollar company recognised as a world leader in its field of highly sophisticated computer simulation software.

What was Colin's conclusion? Many billions of dollars had been spent on agricultural research - largely by mega multi-nationals. But the aim was to improve the profitability of these mega corporations - not the health of the people.

The result - food which is high in sugar and fats, full of toxins but missing essential micro-nutrients. But the toxins are also destroying the soil on which society depends. Killing the people and destroying the soil so a few rich people can get even richer is not a smart society.

Our guts are very clever and sense the lack of micro-nutrients leading to food cravings so we eat more sugary fatty food and end up fat or worse diabetic.

Even worse those toxic chemicals attack our intelligent guts which control our digestion.
cg4.jpg baby greens So - Colin asked - what would happen if he applied the same level of technology as he used in his computer simulation but with the single aim of producing food which would make people healthy again.

The result was the Gbiota system in which essential trace minerals are incorporated into a compost tea and circulated though the root zone of growing plants.

Again - using the technology of mixing plants - as occurs in nature - these toxic chemicals which do so much harm to our bodies can be avoided.

Avoiding toxins and using compost to recycle waste organics regenerates our soils so we may have a society in another four thousand years - now thats a smart society.

We need a better food system - we've got the technology now we need to make it available.

Xiulan, fortunately a qualified doctor, now with a revised healthy diet, has her health back but how to make the technology available to the billion or so people suffering a chronic disease and the other billions who have no desire to become a medical statistic.
cg5.jpg saladGreat technology but how to make this available to the public - particularly in a system tightly controlled by mega companies with almost infinite amounts of money and power to control the market.

Again with his software background Colin saw the answer in a system where ordinary people could commission farmers to use the Gbiota system to custom grow plants and herbs which have been used for centuries because of their reputed health giving benefits.
cg6.jpg farmers marketcg7.jpg consol Just like the traditional farmers market the internet links the grower and the consumer together.

Farmers want to use regenerative agriculture to ensure their farms are sustainable and people want to eat food which will make them healthy.

Who wants to be a blind crippled diabetic waiting to die from a premature heart attack when you can simply eat healthy traditional food.

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