Fixing diabetes

The essence

We are facing a major scandal in our health system with people being denied access to critical information and choice in how they are treated. The case of Garry Fettke - a surgeon who wanted to protect his patients from unnecessary amputation is an immediate focus.

People are having their legs amputated and going blind - unnecessarily - simply because they are not being told the facts.

This is just immoral and had to be changed.

But it gets down to the fundamental rights in a democratic society. People have the right to be told the truth about their health and the right to choose how they are treated.

This article is an invitation to protect these basic rights at the forthcoming election.

Diabetes is not strictly a medical problem - it is a societal problem arising from our changed food. It is not that difficult to solve - and would save thousands of people from having their limbs chopped off, from going blind and dying young from a heart attack but it does mean upsetting a few sacred cows and people in privileged positions. Here I show how - it is absolutely worth doing but it does require commitment.

The key is to work through health professionals - to provide education on food for diabetics and form groups for self support and who can work with local market gardeners to obtain nutrient rich biologically active food.

From infectious to non-infectious diseases

Fifty years ago we were likely to die young from an infectious disease - now, thanks to the progress in medical science, we are more likely to live longer and die from a non-infectious or chronic disease but what really matters is how healthy we are while we are alive so we can enjoy those extra years.

Unfortunately chronic diseases can make life pretty miserable. Every twenty minute of the working day someone in Australia has a limb amputated because of diabetes - which is also the leading cause of blindness and leads to earlier death from heart attacks. It is not much fun being a blind cripple waiting to die from a premature heart attack.

Diabetes is the most common of the chronic diseases - it does the greatest damage to the quality of life of sufferers and we can readily test the effectiveness of any potential solution simply by measuring blood sugar levels

Many doctors will say there is no cure for diabetes - that's what they have been taught - and they are right in the sense there is no medical cure - but there is a societal cure. Let me explain what a societal cure is using the cholera epidemic of some two centuries ago - an epidemic just as bad as our current diabesity epidemic.
(diabesity = diabetic + obesity)
fd1.jpg The cholera epidemic in early London was not fixed by some magic pill. It was not strictly a medical problem but a societal problem. It was solved by building sewers and educating the public on hygiene.
The doctors were just as overwhelmed with cholera patients as modern doctors are with diabetes - the strictly medical solution was failing - just as the medical solution for diabetes is failing now. But one doctor John Snow understood that cholera was caused by untreated sewage (commonly called shit) polluting the drinking water.

This lead to the construction of a sewage system - which cost billions of dollars. But what is the story behind the Government spending this vast amount of money. Was there a singularly enlightened Government? No! It was public pressure. People - like you and me - lots of people - said we don’t like shit in our drinking water. Simply it was public pressure.

If the community had said we like shit in our drinking water - it makes our roses grow really great - we would still not have sewage systems - but the community didn’t - they said fix it - and the Government fixed it. We need to learn from that. We need to tell our Government we don't like a system where we end up as blind cripples, waiting to die from an early heart attack - fix it.

An important part of this story is that there was no new technology involved - the Romans were building sewers two thousand years before. They did modernise the technology with better furnace fired bricks but the core technology was well known and accepted.

This was a societal solution to an apparent medical problem and which is exactly what we need to fix the diabetes epidemic.
fd2.jpg Diabetes is not strictly a medical problem - it is a societal problem. Sugar and fat are not intrinsically bad - they are our primary source of energy. But lack of micro-nutrients in our food create food craving so we overeat on these energy rich foods - our bodies create insulin which makes us fat which eventually saturates our pancreas and we are diabetic.
We don’t need some revolutionary new technology - technically we know exactly how to fix the diabetes epidemic. The answer is in the food we eat. Fifty years ago there was no diabetes epidemic - I am approaching eighty years old and know exactly how food was produced then.

Today we still have blue zones where people live to extreme old age and are fit and healthy. I have studied these and taken trips to see how these traditional societies work - I see eighty and ninety year old people happily working in the fields as part of an integrated community.

And there is no diabetes!
fd3.jpgWe need to stop the food cravings by eating food rich in micro-nutrients and fibre so we are not just full but satisfied.

Fibre acts as a sugar blocker damping down the sugar spikes which leads to excess insulin and fat storage in our pancreas which aggravates diabetes.
The key is simple - they are growing food in nutrient rich biologically active soils. It is true that I have spent the last twenty years of my life trying to refine this system and make it more productive by pumping nutrient rich biologically active compost tea through the root zone to make it more productive - but the core technology has been around for some four thousand years in these traditional societies.

Other researchers, such as Jason Fung, Michael Mosely and Professor Roy Taylor have adopted a totally different approach using the latest research techniques such as MRI technology to measure fat in the pancreas and liver and have proved to the highest standards of modern science that diabetes can be largely reversed - even in long term diabetics - and almost completely in recently diagnosed diabetics - simply by food.

But even more convincing is that this technology is being used as standard procedure to reverse diabetes in thousands of real people in the UK and USA.

Then why is this not happening across Australia? Many people have suggested it is simply vested interest, and it is absolutely true that the food, drug, supplement and certain parts of the health industry are making billions of dollars in profits from diabetes - but I am not a great one for conspiracy theories and look for a simpler explanation.

The answer is simply information - the community is being denied access to information and there is no better way of demonstrating this than the jaw dropping case of Garry Fettke. I wrote a long article - almost a book - which contains the information people need to know but when I have finished talking about Garry I will give as short a summary as I can of the key information we - and the medical advisers - need to know about what causes diabetes and how it can be reversed.

You may like to go to the source for the full story of Gary at I can just give a snap shot of what we are up against describing the truly amazing and shocking story of Doctor Gary Fettke. Gary was a fully qualified surgeon in Tasmania who became worried about the number of diabetic amputations he was performing so he started to advice his prospective patients for surgery to cut down on their sugar. Bad for business lowering the number of customers but good for humanity.

Was this perfectly sensible and realistic approach that could save people having their legs amputated welcomed by the powers that be - the AHPRA? Unbelievably no! They ruled he was not a dietitian and should not offer dietary advice.

This was worse than the demarcation dispute we had to endure with the trade unions in the sixties - this is a professional organisation involved in a petty dispute between doctors and dietitians which is condemning thousands of people to becoming blind cripples when their diabetes could be reversed.

This is not just wrong it is immoral.
fd4.jpgPatient education is essential. Doctors should have a basic knowledge of how diet affect diabetes and run group sessions to educate patients.

Groups typically have a blend of skills and can be self supporting and the group can also negotiate with local market gardeners for them to grow food with the needed micro-nutrients and bulk buy at an economic price.

There is simply not enough doctors to cope with the current diabetes epidemic.

If you don’t agree then think on this;- today everyone eating a typical diet is at risk of diabetes so soon it could be your leg that is being chopped off. How do you feel about some bureaucrat who rules that your doctor should not advise you to eat less sugar so you become a blind cripple waiting for the relief of an early heart attack?

What makes it even more ridiculous is that I - or some guy you meet in the pub - is perfectly entitled to tell you that eating sugar is not good for diabetes but your surgeon trying to prevent you from having your leg amputated cannot. And it all centres around the pedantic interpretation of the word specific. 'People should not eat sugar' general therefore OK. 'You should not eat sugar' specific - not OK.

This is so out of this world that even Monty Python would say it is just too ridiculous for one of their sketches.

Food has a major effect on our health - doctors should have a basic understanding and if they don't we need to change their education system.
Longer term - how food affects our health - should be a critical part of the education system for our kids.

There is a lot of vested interests in the food, drug and supplements industries and even inside the health industry.

Knowledge is the first line of defence and kids actually talk to their parents which helps spread the word.
Now this went before a Senate enquiry - which is really quite interesting. Again a summary but for the full report and the Governments response go to MedicalComplaints45

One of the key findings is that the Government recognises that there is a problem - with what is now commonly called the silo effect - where people in one department operate in isolation without considering the impact in other departments.

In my days in industry we used to call this ‘over the wall’ or my preferred term ‘dead cat engineering’. The product development department would design a totally brilliant part then throw the ‘dead cat’ over the wall to the next department, say the production department who had to figure out how to manufacture this maybe technically brilliant design but find it is impossible in steel so they make it from plasticine.

Then the service department get the blame because they cannot keep up with all the field replacements which only last ten minutes. It may sound funny but in the health area it costs peoples their legs and lives.
fd6.jpgThe silo effect - where everyone lives and works in their own little silo - is one of the joys of bureaucrats and the curses of modern society. The health industry is not immune - if we are going to fix diabetes we have to overcome the silo effect.

We have exactly this problem in our health system with the doctors not having the authority and possibly expertise or time to offer dietary advice so the 'dead cat' goes over the wall to the dietitians who have little knowledge of the medical implications or equally important how the food is grown or processed, which is another silo.

The irony is that Ancel Keys - regarded as the father of dietary science - mistaken interpretation of statistical results - ended us up with our high sugar and carb diet which has resulted in more deaths than Hitler.

Each specialist lives and operates in their own particular silo with the net result that every twenty minutes someone has their leg chopped of totally unnecessarily. That is just not acceptable.

We also have to recognise that large companies in the drug, supplements and food industry benefit to the tune of billions of dollars from the current situation and they have far more access to the regulators than you and me.

So what do we do about it?

This is my plan called the Gbiota plan - named after the Gbiota (gut biota) growing system I developed which flushes nutrient rich compost tea through the root zone to grow nutrient rich biologically active plants.

The Gbiota plan

1) That all health practitioners treating patients with potentially chronic diseases - particularly diabetes - should be required to be familiar with the latest technology for treating diabetes by diet. This should include both technologies which has been developed in the UK and USA plus what we can learn from societies - past and present - that do not suffer from a diabetes epidemic.

They need to have a basic knowledge of how food affects health - from production to consumption. 2) They should take steps to educate patients on diet based approaches to reversing chronic diseases with the respective benefits and negatives.

3) Given the appropriate information diabetic patients should have the option of deciding for themselves whether they wish to adopt a diet approach (which can be rugged) or conventional drug based approach (which ensures that there will never recover from diabetes). This should be a patient decision not a unilateral decision by the doctor.

4) Other methods of community education - such as incorporating into the school curriculum - should be adopted.

5) That systems be put in place (such as through the doctors and diabetes education systems) to form groups of diabetics who can both self support and work with local growers to supply appropriate food (rich in micro-nutrients and fibre) to help reverse diabetes.

Our Government is the only organisation with the power to make these essential changes. They have already identified the silo problem in the health industry whether the act on it is up to you.
fd5.jpg But fortunately - despite the recent political shenanigans - we still live in a functional democracy where we can express our dissatisfaction. We - as a community - have to let the Government know that we are not too keen on becoming blind cripples because we have a medical system riddled with the silo affect. Fix it!

We need to make this a major issue at the forthcoming election.

I have been through the trauma of the prospect of having my wife becoming a blind cripple - I have done everything I can to learn how to reverse diabetes - now it is up to you.


This is what I am asking you to do.

First I am asking you to contact your candidates for the forthcoming election letting them know your dissatisfaction with the current situation where people become blind, crippled diabetics waiting for the inevitable premature heart attack simply because of the silo affect which is throttling back information - which every citizen should have access to - because of some petty squabble between the doctors and the dietitians.

Secondly if it is just you and me it won’t have much impact so I ask you to ask your contacts, both personal friends and on social media to join us in this campaign. I must admit by skills on social media are pretty limited but I am hoping that there are people who feel the same way as me who are prepared to use their media skills to make this an issue at the coming election.

If we can use the power of social media, the papers and TV to publicise the damage this silo effect causes, we can achieve the changes we need.

Lets get personal

My wife Xiulan is an ex-diabetic with previous blood sugar reading close to 20 (very serious). She started to loose her sight, consequently fell down a flight if stairs, breaking multiple bones but after a successful operation her wounds started to turn black and the doctors started to talk about amputation and the dangers of diabetes induced heart attack.

Being a blind cripple waiting for release by a heart attack is no fun (believe me)

She was told by both her local GP and a specialist endocrinologist that she needed to go onto Sulfonylureas which raise the insulin levels in the blood and would need insulin injections. This virtually guaranteed she would be a diabetic for life. (See later).

After long and intensive study (as you can see later) we decided to ignore this advice - and go onto a restrictive diet. I developed Gbiota beds which floods the root zone with a mineral rich compost tea to provide all the essential micro-nutrients missing from a conventional diet - an essential part of reversing diabetes.

Now her blood sugar reading are typically 5.7 (normal) her foot and eye sight have healed and we enjoy a good life. Luckily as she is a doctor and my business is technology we were able to reverse her diabetes by ignoring the establishment recommendations. Had we followed them there is little doubt her diabetes would have got worse.

But we were lucky - my wife, Xiulan, is a doctor - my business is innovative technology - I was a world leader in my area of computer simulation - I am used to reading scientific journals and together we decided what needed to be done - defied the advice of our doctors and ditched the pills and worked on our food.

Have no doubt it was nerve racking defying medical advice and we only had confidence to do that by a combination of our technical background and many thousands of hours of studying the literature.

It seems doctors don't like non compliant patients so let's hope I don't get ill in the near future until they have cooled off.

Personal appeal

Our skills are in medicine and technology but we are both pretty useless at social media. People are good at something and useless at others - that's just the way we are.

To prevent the thousands of people who turn into blind cripples this has to be a community project so I am just hoping that there are people reading this who have understand the importance of what we are saying and have the social media skills so that people can become informed.

I have written a somewhat long and detailed technical description on reversing diabetes - this is available for free at I have tried to summarise the key point below which are the essential points anyone with a chronic disease should be aware of.

Every twenty minutes in every working day someone in Australia has to go through the trauma of having a limb amputated and the tragedy is that this - with the right approach - could have been avoided. The way we treat diabetes is simply wrong - it is not a medical problem it is a societal problem.

Just fix it!

What is the message we need to give to our politicians - just fix it. I am not a political creature and don't care which party get the message as long as they fix it.

Just between you and me I am totally fed up with every night on the news hearing how tough this or that politician is on helpless refugees fleeing terrible persecution. I want to hear how tough they are on the powerful vested interest that nearly ended up with my wife becoming a blind cripple - had we not taken the plunge to ignore these powerful interests and taken the decision to find a cure by diet.

So Mr. Politician - wherever you may be - how tough really are you - are you going to be a whimp and waffle on - or Fix it?

Just let us know before the election so we know which way to vote.

What is the cause of the diabetes epidemic and how can it be reversed.

fd8.jpgDiabetes never used to be a significant problem - it is really in the last two decades that it has exploded (and continues to explode). There are still parts of the world where people are living a traditional life style and they have no idea what diabetes is.

The basic reason is that we eat too much sugary and fatty food and the reason why we overeat is food craving because of a lack of essential nutrients in our diet.
The food industry is the worlds largest industry, they like to sell sugary fatty foods because sugar and fat are cheap. They spend billions of dollars of very clever advertising to sell their products. The food labelling laws enable them to fill the back of their packets with pseudo scientific numbers which don't even tell us the basics like how much added sugar is inside the packet. It is important we know.

There is nothing I (or it seems the Governments) can do about this.

Victory gardens

But I was a kid in the war where almost everyone grew some of their own food as we had Victory gardens where any bit of spare land was used for food production and diabetes was virtually unheard off. I can think back to those times and recall just how food was grown then.

I can go to places where food is still grown in the traditional way (very similar to when I was a kid). I can use my engineering skills to work out how those traditional methods could be modernised to produce food with the micro-nutrients and fibre of traditional growing. This is the Gbiota system which some home growers are using but honestly it is just a drop in the bucket compared with huge numbers in the diabetes epidemic. (There are at lease 500 million people suffering from diabetes).

I developed the system so it would be an economic way of producing high micro-nutrient food in local market gardens at a reasonable cost - but that has yet to happen.

But what I can do is summarise all that I have learned over the later years about food and health - put it on my web so everyone can read it, hopefully benefit from it, and equally important tell someone else about it so the word spreads.

So in the next five pages I explain how to reverse - or more importantly avoid - becoming a blind cripple. For a fuller explanation read actually there is a mass of information collected over the years on food and health available in the library best accessed from the home page.

Our control system

Our guts are highly intelligent with trillions of cells communicating with each other - it is like having a super computer inside our tummies which communicates with our head brain and together they decide exactly what should happen to our digestive system.

No one really understands how it works - I was an early pioneer in the computer industry and have a pretty good understanding of how intelligent systems work and the coding that is needed for artificial intelligence and swarm intelligence - which enables ant and bee colonies to work as a system. But this is nothing in comparison with the intelligence that is built into us - I can only marvel at the sophistication.

But not understanding how something works does not stop us using it. Billions of people around the world are happily using their smart phones with no understanding of what is happening inside. Kids perform amazing feats on their BMX bikes with no understanding of the gyroscopic couples which enable a bike to be self stabilising.

But we do know that our gut-brain sends out instructions to the hormones which act as messengers to control our bodies.

The amount of sugar actually in the blood is incredibly small - only about 5 grams so when our intelligent controller senses the blood sugar is rising it sends out insulin which takes sugar out of the blood and in the short term stores it in the organs such as the liver and pancreas and the muscles which can store much more sugar - about 200 grams - some 40 times the sugar stored in the blood.

Later it will store fat by increasing the size of fat cells which can store much greater amounts of sugar - may be up to 20Kg.

Our energy demands are continuously varying as we walk up steps or relax watching TV - also the fuel (sugar) entering the blood is continuously varying as we eat and digest foods. Our highly sophisticated intelligent control system is continuously shunting sugar into and out of our short and long term storage to maintain our blood sugar in balance.

We can see our control system at work as we puff and pant climbing a flight of stairs and feel our heart beating faster.

We have evolved this incredible intelligent control system over millions of years and it has worked just fine without us even thinking about it - until we decided to stuff it up.

Sugars and fats

Modern food is high in sugars and fats which under normal circumstance our bodies should be able to manage so we don’t get chronic diseases like diabetes.

We can use a car as an analogy. The little yellow light comes on on the dash telling us the fuel is low. We fill up and the pump senses the tank if full and cuts off the fuel. Similarly our body sends us signals saying we are hungry and (if we listen to it) signals that we are full and should stop eating.

As we drive around - accelerating from traffic lights or overtaking, or just idling - the fuel injection system in our car is carefully regulating the amount of fuel (and air) supplied to the engine.

Sugars and fats are the main fuels for our body – equivalent to the fuel in our car – and are not intrinsically bad – they are the fuel that drives us and as long as they are under proper control they do their job of powering us without a problem.


However our car needs lots of other things to make it work, tyres, cooling water, battery acid and brake fluid - it does not need much of these but they are essential. If you don’t have any brake fluid then you will have a smash.

Our bodies are similar - there is a whole range of micro-nutrients which are essential to make our bodies work properly. We only required very small amounts but they are essential. Volcanic rock is full of a broad spectrum of essential minerals as are in the diets of people eating a traditional diet - soil is naturally full of trace minerals.

Evolution is lazy - it only works when it has to - so it has not developed sophisticated methods of managing lack of micro-nutrients - why bother when everything is working fine.

Modern food is very low in essential trace minerals, phytonutrients and fibre. The level of micro-nutrients in modern vegetables has dropped by a factor of thirty over traditional vegetables. Our bodies sense this lack and send out signals which create food cravings. Unfortunately we have not evolved the mechanism to tell us what foods we should be eating - all we get is the message to go and eat something.

It is like that little picture of an engine which can pop up on our dash saying something is wrong with the engine - go to your dealer - but it does not tell us what is wrong. You have to pay the dealer big money to tell you that.

How many time have you had that feeling ‘I am hungry for something and I don’t know what’? It is a pity we don’t get a little notice saying you are low in magnesium, zinc or whatever but that’s evolution for you. We just get a flashing warning light saying go and eat something.

So typically what we will eat is more and more of is the high sugar and fat foods which leads to high blood sugar levels. Our internal intelligence system picks up the signal and tells our pancreas to send out insulin - the fat storage hormone - which enables sugar to travel from the blood into our liver and fat cells. So far our blood sugar is under control - but we do get fatter.

Apart from having to buy a larger pair of jeans this is not a problem. But if we keep on doing this eventually our pancreas - which makes the insulin - will become so full of fat that it can no longer produce enough insulin so we are now seriously diabetic - unable to control our blood sugar levels so we are on the road to the operating theatre to have our legs chopped off, blindness and the inevitable heart attack.

To reduce our blood sugar the classic approach is to use drugs or injections which increase the level of insulin in the blood. In the short term this certainly reduces blood sugars but leads to our bodies storing yet more fat - particularly in the pancreas so we are doomed to a life of diabetes. It solves the symptoms today’s problem - but hastening the time to the operating table.

Sugar blockers

Another little failure of evolution is that it has not prepared us for the high sugar densities in modern foods. We have the mechanical equivalent or putting aero fuel into a lawn mower - it is just not geared up for such an energy burst.

If we eat these modern high sugar foods - which our intelligent control systems are not used to coping with - it goes into emergency mode as the blood sugar escalates through the roof - it has the blue lights and sirens flashing - and typically it will do a good job and the blood sugar will drop - but it has done too good a job so the blood sugar drops too much and the intelligent control system goes back into emergency mode - but the other way - so we raid the pantry looking for another piece of cheese cake to bring the blood sugar level back up again.

Control engineers are very familiar with this problem of instability and solve it by damping. We have the equivalent in food with sugar blocking (damping).

I have spoken to many dietitians about how to manage diabetes by diet but none has talked to me about the value of sugar blockers - they may talk about glycemic index and load for specific foods - which is pretty irrelevant - what matters is the glycemic load of the total meal.

I have explained as part of Xiulan's treatment we have been growing food in Gbiota beds to provide the essential micro-nutrients. I will be the first to admit that munching away on a bunch of leaves - however healthy - is pretty boring and tasteless. Glad I am not a cow.

Many fruits - like bananas have a very high sugar content and glycemic index. But put some bananas and other fruits in with the greens into a blender and we have our pre-breakfast smoothy. The bananas make the smoothy taste good while the green leaves act as sugar blockers balancing out the glycemic index. So we have a tasty drink while providing the essential micro-nutrients.

And it cost a fraction of a packet of sulfonylureas or bottles of supplements.

The diabetes reversal myth

Despite what doctors (who have not kept up with the latest research) tell us this is not inevitable and diabetes can be reversed. I have to be more specific here - the earlier diabetes is diagnosed and treated with the latest understanding the higher the rate of success - if caught earlier enough almost 100%.

But the longer diabetes has been treated with the high insulin approach the lower the chances of success - but people who have been diabetic for over twenty years have still had their diabetes reversed - but it is a bit of a 50/50 chance.

So what is this new technology? It is not some magic new drug - diabetes is caused by bad diet it is unlikely that there will ever be a drug which will reverse a bad diet.

Reversal is a two stage operation. The first stage is pretty rugged - a highly restricted diet so the body burns up the excess fat in the pancreas. This is not a happy process which needs significant psychological and physical support. Medical support is needed if the diabetic is on medications so the dosage can be progressively reduced to avoid hypo or hyperglycemia.

At the end of this first stage it is no good going back to the old diet which created the food craving in the first place. The diet must be changed to incorporate all the essential micro-nutrients so the food cravings do not reappear.

Probably even more important is that the right approach can prevent people getting diabetes in the first place. Prevention is better (and a lot cheaper) than cure.

This is where the Gbiota plan comes in to make this happen in practise.

The Gbiota project and blue zones

The Gbiota system is a growing system aimed to provide the trace minerals, phytonutrients, fibre and biology essential to health. During its development I visited these places where people grow food in the traditional way to gain a better understanding of how these people live to a very old age.

While people in this regions do live to an old age what is more dramatic is how fit, healthy and active they are right into very old age.

I went to these traditional societies to study their agricultural system thinking that food was the key driver which enabled them to be so active in later life. On reflection I think I had it backwards.

There are three key differences in their life style

- the food they eat which is grown in soil which still contains an abundance of minerals and biology and is free from toxic chemicals and modern high intensity farming

- their level of physical activity (which is probably as much of a result of their health than a cause).

- their community involvement and lack of stress.

While they are eating a diet which is more healthy than the typical western diet it not seem that diet alone would be the explanation for their high level of activity in old age. There is something else going on.

Humans have evolved to have a natural life style which is very different to most other animals. We mature much more slowly than virtually all animals - only rivalled by the elephant. We reach physical maturity in our late teens but mental development continues right into our twenties.

Even more interesting is that we live for may be twenty or thirty years after reproduction. In these blue zones young sexually active couples were very much preoccupied with basic of survival - food production, house building etc and the care of the young was left to the older generation - not just grandparents but with the old people providing care, protection and education for all the young children but also providing expertise and care on medical issues for the whole community when needed.

These older people are basically acting as community careers - not just for the kids but the sick. They have a deep understanding of the power of the medicinal value of native plants and herbs. This would seem the natural order of how we have evolved as a species and contrast with our modern society where child care, education and health are major costs to our society while older people are left with very little purpose in their life - basically waiting to die.

Our modern society has some recent developments which few can be happy about - the immense power of the mega corporation with a handful of people accumulating excessive wealth. We may be a richer society but the wealth is not well spread - some 50% of global wealth is owned by some hundred families with no comparable increase in wealth among the general population. Governments globally seems unable or unwilling to tackle this issue.

Diabetes has three major contributions - poor food, lack of exercise and stress. There is an incentive to focus on food as it is a physical subject which can be studied using conventional scientific approaches.

It would be my expectation the fit and healthy older people providing these services has a significant factor in their health - they have a purpose in life and feel a useful member of a functioning community.

This thinking is a major factor in why I am promoting group activity for treating diabetics (or other chronic disease). It not only takes the load of an already overloaded health system but provides a range of expertise in food production and preparation which are simply not available from our current health system. Even dietitians seem to have very little training or expertise in how to grow food to make us healthy.

Using these community skills which centre around community involvement seem an infinitely superior way of organising our current society which seems to focus on maximising the income of the executives and financiers of a few large corporations with very little benefit to society in general or even the employees of these mega corporations.

This is why I so strongly support the community approach to managing chronic diseases and oppose the restrictive practises of the health organisation which seem more concerned with protecting their interests rather than helping society.

It makes such perfect sense. We have a health system which is creaking at the seams (just try and get a doctors appointment in Bundaberg) yet diabetes is costing the Government billions of dollars with little to show for it.

By simply providing the catalyst for local groups to form to provide self support and education and work with local market gardeners (which are the key to a healthy food supply) to provide healthy food would save the Governments billions, reverse diabetes and move towards a more community based country.

The arguments for adopting this approach are overwhelming - all we have to do is do it.

Here are the key points I have submitted to my local member - hopefully you can follow my lead and bring your friends and contacts along with you.

The Gbiota plan

1) That all health practitioners treating patients with potentially chronic diseases - particularly diabetes - should be required to be familiar with the latest technology for treating diabetes by diet. This should include both technologies which has been developed in the UK and USA plus what we can learn from societies - past and present - that do not suffer from a diabetes epidemic.

They need to have a basic knowledge of how food affects health - from production to consumption.

2) They should take steps to educate patients on diet based approaches to reversing chronic diseases with the respective benefits and negatives.

3) Given the appropriate information diabetic patients should have the option of deciding for themselves whether they wish to adopt a diet approach (which can be rugged) or conventional drug based approach (which ensures that there will never recover from diabetes). This should be a patient decision not a unilateral decision by the doctor.

4) Other methods of community education - such as incorporating into the school curriculum - should be adopted.

5) That systems be put in place (such as through the doctors and diabetes education systems) to form groups of diabetics who can both self support and work with local growers to supply appropriate food (rich in micro-nutrients and fibre) to help reverse diabetes.

For more informatio you can contact me at