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    Gin Gin State School - Queensland

    Sunday February 11 2007, saw  a fantastic turnout of Gin Gin State School teachers, parents,  students, and people from the wider Gin Gin community.

    The reason?

    A working Bee to get the Gin Gin State School Wicking Bed  Project up and running.
    Gin Gin State School

    The Wicking Bed Project

    Below is a pictorial of the progress of the Gin Gin State School Wicking Bed Project that will hopefully prove itself to be a workable pilot for others to follow.

    planning the day The Whiteboard - mapping the day
    cutting lengths of steel for bolts Cutting steel legths for bolts
    Principal Norris preparing steel bolts Gin Gin State School Principal  Chris Norris grinding bolt lengths
    prepared bolts Steel bolts ready for beds.
    cutting sleepers for beds Cutting Sleepers to lenth
    placing sleepers Building the Sleeper Beds
    placing sleepers Placing Sleepers
    drilling boltholes for sleepers Drilling Bolt holes
    drilling sleepers Drilling for Bolts
    Bolting Sleepers Bolting up the Sleeper Beds
    laying poly Laying the Poly Sheets
    Polys Sheet and Watering Pipe Poly Sheet and Watering Pipe in place
    soil Mixing the Soil.  Worm Castings from Kookaburra Worm Farms, garden soil and Cane mill mud.
    mixing soil Mixing the Soil
    mixing soil Adding to the mix
    Wheelbarrows queue Barrows queueing for soil
    soil to barrows Soil to Barrows
    soil to barrows Soil to the Barrow
    barrows to beds From Barrows to the Wicking Beds
    soil to beds More Soil to the Wicking Beds
    soil in beds Soil in the Wicking Beds
    Colin Austin discussing Wicking Beds Colin Austin from Waterright talking to the local Paper
    preparing straw mulch Preparing the Straw Mulch
    Straw to Beds Mulch from Barrow to Wicking Bed
    placing straw mulch Placing the Staw Mulch
    Wicking Beds Wicking Beds!
    Tidying up Tidying up.

    Last update   Feb 11 2007



    1 Feb
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