Buying Wickimix

Getting Hold of Wickimix

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How do I get hold of some WickiMix?

Actually it is dead easy – we supply directly – all you have to do is order on the internet - just email me tell us what you want and we will post to you. If you are not sure how much you need then tell us the size of your beds and we will advise.

The easiest way is to pay directly by bank transfer or by PayPal - but before racing to your bank account can we give you a bit of background information.


Distribution costs are an issue – although we make (or more correctly grow) our own soil it is simply not economic to transport bulk soil over any distance. WickiMix is a concentrate and inoculant for you to make your own soil from organic waste. Recycling waste to make a top quality soil fits in with our philosophy of striving for a sustainable world.

The most economic system of distribution is to use the standard Post Office Parcel Sachets. The most practical size is the 5Kg bag and we can stuff the best part of 10 litres into a sachet without going over the weight limit. This contains both the fibrous rhizosphere -R and mineral packed -M version.

This is sufficient for a typical 60 Litre tote box style wicking bed. The cost of 1 sachet including postage is $48 anywhere in Australia. If you want a large quantity then it is worth going for the larger post office bag which can hold some 20 litres which would weigh about 10Kg. The basic price for large quantities is $5 per kg but there is postage on top which depends on where you live.

Living soil

But there are certain issues about WickiMix. It is a natural product based on a balanced ecosystem rather than the chemical dominated factory farming system.

We are supplying a living system with a broad spectrum of biology. Essentially we are selling soil biology from an eco-system which means it is a balance between beneficial and harmful biology. It is a living product and is not sterile like most of the potting mixes available commercially.

We prepare Wickimix by cutting out small volume from a living ecosystem full of a broad spectrum biology. Once cut it will start to deteriorate so we only take these cuttings against a firm order. This is not a pre made - off the off the shelf product in bags. It takes us a few days to prepare your order and we wait to let the moisture level drop before posting.

At your end you need to be ready to process the WickiMix when we post as it will deteriorate if just left in the bag for days on end. You need to be ready to feed and water it - that means a supply of food waste, (or weeds or better still both) ready to put into a Wicking Bed.

Do it yourself

We believe there is a lot of fun and satisfaction on growing your own food so this is very much a do it yourself system and hopefully this contrast with the profit above everything approach of the current food system.

We hope our customers share this philosophy.

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