Sugar blockers and baby greens

Sugar blockers

Sugar blockers and they are one of the most effective ways of combating overweight and diabetes.

They do not simply eliminate the effect of sugars and high glycemic carbs - rather they slow the rate of digestion allowing your body time to burn of the excess sugar reducing the sugar spike - providing you are not consuming excess sugar or carbs.

A healthy gut biology will naturally send out hormones which reduce appetite so you do not overeat. However if the gut biology is compromised or you diet is short of essential minerals or phytonutrients your gut biology will send out other hormones which which create food craving so you end up eating excess sugar or high glycemic foods.

Sugar blockers need to be eaten with or before eating sugary or high glycemic foods and coupled with improving your gut biology.
Baby greens are very effective as sugar blockers as they can also improve gut biota if grown using the Gbiota system.

The Banana paradox

Bananas are basically a very healthy food as they contain a broad spectrum of minerals but they are also full of sugar which causes sugar spikes so many dietitians recomend that diabetics or people on a diet should avoid eating bananas (and many other fruits).

However eating a banana with baby greens will blunt the sugar spike and also improve your Gut Biology which will give better control of your appetite.

Insulin - friend and foe

When your body senses high blood sugar level it releases insulin which in a health body will allow the excess sugar to enter fat cells so the sugar level is under control.

The extra sugar may make you fat but will not initially cause any serious medical condition other than a marginal trend to diabetes.

However over time the additional fat will accumulate in vital organs particularly the liver and pancreas.

When the level of fat in the pancreas reaches a certain level the fat block the further creation of insulin, your body can no longer control blood sugar and you have full blown diabetes.

Baby greens grown in Gbiota Bed Baby greens grown in a Gbiota bed are a highly effective sugar blocker.

They are tasty and tender so can be eaten with other foods to balance the sugar, they are grown in biologically active soils which can restore gut biology and have a balance of minerals and phytonutrients which leads to a feeling of satisfaction.

The gut-brain axis

A healthy Gut biota has trillions of cells which communicate with each other and our head brain to create a master intelligent control system which has evolved over millions of years to manage and protect our bodies so we eat the right amount of the right foods.

This happens automatically so we don't have to spend vast amounts of time, money and forced control to remain healthy. We just feel full and satisfied.

A healthy Gut biota will effectively protect us from harmful microbes by creating conditions where the beneficial microbes out compete and out breed the harmful ones. This is the natural ecological way of creating a balance between beneficial and harmful microbes. It is happening all the time but the natural biological approach works so well we are not even aware it is happening.

Modern food, produced by chemical industrial agriculture, results in severe damage to our Gut biota so we loose this automatic control of our appetite and develop food cravings.

The GBiota growing system learns from the traditional biological growing systems and incorporate the lessons into a modern system taking advantage of the latest technology - modernised traditional agriculture.

The basic principle it to create a mix of compost, organic waste and minerals to create a biologically active tea which floods the root system providing biology and nutrients to the plants then drain the tea back out of the root system for reuse on the next flood cycle while automatically sucking air back into the soil.

The plants are biologically active, high in nutrients and fibre and improve our gut biology.

Baby greens are tender and tasty so can be combined with virtually any other food to act as a sugar blocker and to improve gut health

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