This is a web-book

So what is a web-book? Well it is neither a regular book nor an e-book which is just a regular book in e format. A web-book is a living book which changes with events. It is the exact opposite of a conventional web expecting a 90 sec attention span - it goes deep.

The original focus was on soil and water conservation which started with led to the development of Wicking Beds. The focus swung to how to grow food which makes us healthy and more recently has focused on reversing chronic diseases particularly how to reverse Type 2 diabetes.

A common view was that diabetes was not reversible - it just got steadily worse. This is simply not true but to reverse diabetes requires a combination of diet, exercise and stress reduction. Diabetes is essentially a hormonal malfunction particularly of insulin, cortisol, ghrelin and leptin ;which lead to excess storage of fat in the liver, pancreas and muscles.

Many hormones are produced by the gut biome which can be compromised by a combination of harmful foods and toxic chemicals. Much research has been undertaken on Gbiota beds which were developed from Wicking Beds but aiming to restore the gut biome.

library.jpg This web-book has hundreds of articles and thousands of pages and would just be impossible to sit down and read like a regular book, particularly as it has been written over twenty years and things have kept on changing. So we have a library where you can find what you are looking for.

This is arranged on a both date and subject basis


I have been running this site now for some twenty years and there is a mass of information which may make it difficult to find what you are looking for.

All the files should be listed in library. The first section is in reversed chronological order – newest on top. The second section is listed under categories again in reversed chronological order.

The original site was focused on water for agriculture – these files are still intact but in older style format.

With the development of Wicking Beds the focus changed and the easiest way is to either use the section on wicking beds directly or in the home page link.

The focus switched to diet and health and how to grow your own food, much of the information was published in newsletters and is described below.

The key focus now is soil for Wicking Beds.

While these files should be accessible from the library or home page links I have prepared a reading guide which hopefully helps reader quickly find what they are looking for.

No one is perfect so I am using the main header as a description but also giving the exact file name which means that even if a link has not been included you can still access the file by attaching

Reading guide focused on soils for Wicking Beds.

WickiMix 20Nov2015
Latest on WickiMix

Why Mk 11.htm
Introduction to the Mk 11 Wicking bed system with an overview of diet and health, minerals needed and the basics of the Mk 11 system. Sections on evolution and soils for wicking beds.

Basic introduction to the chemistry, physics and soil biology for Wicking Beds

Introduction to the natural way for soil biology – now largely superseded by Mk 11 Wicking Beds

Buying wickimix.htm
How to buy Wickimix naturally I hope everyone looks at this

reply to frequently asked question – why do my wicking beds stink

stones again.htm
replies to the FAQ on stones v organics

looks at how our bodies regenerate – somewhat superseded by more recent files

Now a rather old document – not to be confused with wicking bed principles.pdf which although old has become a classic must read

How to buy (or grow) healthy food
This is an accumulation of ten articles I have tried to make a complex subject such as statistical analysis of dietary research entertaining. I think on of my better articles evenif a bit long at 55 pages

I wrote these two article in the early days of promoting wicking beds even though they are some ten years old the basic technology is sound an probably better described than anything I have done since

Food revolution.pdf
A bit of a political stance on how the big guys are slowly killing us – if you are into socio-economics worth a read otherwise skip

I wrote this after receiving many question on air in the soil so judging by the FAQ this is a topic of interest

My favourite beasts first appearance – old but worth a read

The biological revolution.pdf
A long and old article about soil biology all good stuff – how long does it take to get the message out

An earlier version about diet and health – may be covered in more recent articles but interesting to see the development of ideas

This one is really old but covers the period when I was developing wicking beds in Ethiopia as a means of providing sustenance food in time of drought. I put it out of sequence because I think some people would like to know where wicking beds came from. But skip if you are not into history

How_water_moves through the soil.htm
What is says, it would save me a lot of time on FAQ if people read this first

what is says – wish more people would read so I could drop from my FAQ


Health starts in the soil

First publicity on Mk 11 wicking beds

Bit of a historyof eureka moments

Dangers of a bad diet and diabetes

About my favourite creature the hungry beast inside – I thnk there may be an error in dating though

I wrote this while in China – I am not sure it hits the jackpot

Again from China – not my best skip – if you are not a diligent type

Newsletter Aug 2014.pdf
About alternative food production and distribution - one of my hobby horses that has yet to reach fruition

About diet and how we know what we know – on rereading does not get a gold star so maybe skip

Much of the material is covered in later article

This is the talk I gave ins Shanghai and Wuhan this one gets a gold star.pdf

Dew-Boggling in China
If you are intested in China not a bad read but not much to so with wicking beds

Will your wicking bed tur putrid and smelly? Old but practical advice on maintaining a wicking bed

Newsletter 12 jan 2014.htm
Bit silly and old but it does feature my favourite creature the hungry beast inside
More about smelly wicking beds amazing how difficult it is t oget the message out the plant roots need air

Gardening Australia.htm
My comments following a segment on wicking beds in this popular gardening program.
They may have missed some of the technical points but they did a great job of promoting wicking beds – pity they made it so complex and expensive though

Newsletter novemeber2013.htm
Getting old now but amazing how what I said thenis still valid

Newsletter june 2013.htm
Diets scams and the process of science
If you are interested in the porcess of science not a bad read otherwise skip

Newsletter march 2013.htm
Soils, soils and more soils, how long have I been talking about soils
How did this happened and what can we do about it?

Way back from March 2013 but still good material on soil

Rather old but simple methods of building wicking bed

Not much about wicking beds – more about the process of innovation

really old not but nice to see a school project at work – they are still working after 7 years and my granddaughter now goes to this school- bit of nostalgia for me but may be just me

How factory farming is doing so much damage to our health – again old but still true

Old files on making soil but to my mind still classics – the principles have not really changed over the last ten years

I hope you find this new catalogue helpful - I welcome any comments. If you find a faulty link please let me know  at