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The coming food revolution

© Colin Austin (Creative Commons http://creativecommons.org.au/)

12 November 2014 


The modern factory farming system is harming and killing billions of people from an excess of fats and sugars and lack of minerals and vitamins.  There is consensus throughout the medical and dietary professions that we simply need to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables grown in nutritious soil. 

Gardening enthusiasts can benefit by growing their own food but the majority of the population simply do not have time, space or skills to grow their own food.

This can be solved by skilled growers supplying living plants in a wicking basket ™ to be eaten as needed by people who cannot grow their own.  The plants are grazed, rather than harvested, so they continue to regenerate in nutritious soil so the food is both healthier and cheaper.

My aim is not to set up some large centralised corporation but a network of independent growers supplying people in their local area.  These growers could be as simple as a grandmother, with time on her hands, providing fresh food for her children who may be just too busy with jobs and looking after their kids or it could be a full scale local grower supplying living plants through a local farmers market or delivery service.

I will provide an internet service www.healthyfoodassociation.com to bring growers and consumers together.  It will enable growers to publish information on how they grow and what plants are currently available and for consumers to hunt out growers who can provide both common plants but also rare plants with specific medical and health benefits.

Details of how to grow nutritious food using the wicking basket system will be readily available (contact me) but protected according to the principle of creative commons.  This is a system where innovators can publish their ideas which can be freely used and copied for non-commercial purposes but with the original innovator being acknowledged and receive benefits from commercial use under a licensing arrangement.

This following article describes a ‘kickstart’ operation to get the process underway.  People can receive wicking baskets on a trial basis and when convinced they can promote among their friends and contacts.

It describes the challenges of promoting a system against the might of the processed food industry but how a simple strategy of personal contacts - one satisfied customer brings in a group of further customers who in turn bring in yet more customers - an old fashioned but effective marketing strategy that has proven effective.

For further information please contact me


Read full article here