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WickiMix-R contains micro and macro soil biology extracted from the root of selected plants which form synergistic relations with soil biology.

It is primarily used to convert waste organic material such as food scarps and weeds into living soil.

It is a fibrous clumpy material which needs to be placed below the surface and covered with a finer material for seed propagation.

WickiMix-M contains minerals and trace minerals needed for health.  It has a fine texture which is suitable for propagation.  It is primarily used as a surface cover over WickiMix-R

WickiMix-R is a growing living entity,  it takes some months to produce so please check for availability before ordering.

Current availability 50Kg

It needs to be buried and seeded quickly after receipt so please make sure you are ready to receive.

It is also partially dried before postage so on receipt your WickiMix-R is extracted and partially dried and will be posted on the following Monday to avoid delays over the weekend.


A 5Kg pack is suitable for a wicking box.  For larger sizes please contact me


If you want larger quantities it is better to contact me directly. colinaustin@bigpond.com

WickiMIx dual pack 5Kg total contains equal quantities of -R and -M
WickiMix-R  5Kg $30 plus $17 p&p
WickiMix-M  5Kg $30 plus $17 p&p