Robin Hood had it right

24 August 2017

This site contains a lot of information gathered over many years - you may need to make good use of the library and the search box to find what you are looking for. It is not the site for a three word solution to the world’s health problem. In this site we look at the total path from the soil, through growing and finishes with food preparations such as fermentation.

Poor diet has resulted in a worldwide epidemic of what is called non communicable deceases NCD such as diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, dementia etc. which are essentially a result of an unbalanced diet - high in sugars and fats but low in the micro nutrients and lacking the biology which leads to a healthy gut biom.

There are many reasons for the current poor diet - the profit obsession by the mega food companies, poor dietary education in the medical profession, and lack of action by Governments particularly on effective food labelling.

The dominant factor leading to the health crisis is simply corporate greed which puts profits ahead of community health.

They have billions of dollars and employ smart brains which they exploit in clever advertising and promotions.

How do we fight this?

My life has centred on technical innovations - I am an innovator not a marketing type- but innovation is not enough. We need to get the word out and anyone and everyone can - and should - help by spreading the word. I publish under the Creative Commons system which means any private individual can use the technology I develop for their own private use without paying me anything. All I ask is they recognise my research by referring - and if possible - linking back to my web.

I have made many innovations where I have invested my time and money into speculative research which naturally involves risk. Some projects like adaptive scheduling and low cost subsurface irrigation for broad acre agriculture failed to make a significant impact. That is the risk of speculative research. Success or failure I have the feeling I am doing something which is right and worthwhile.

Other projects like my work on wicking beds and biologically active soils to improve our gut biology are creating a world-wide impact.

To avoid being compromised I do not earn any money from this site - I do not sell or endorse any commercial products and provide information free of charge using the Creative Commons system.

I look upon my research as for the public good and never expect to recover the money I have spent but some income would help me maintain my researches and also help me promote the technology so more people can benefit. But I do not want to be like the tech giants and patent anything and everything to obtain a monopoly and maximise profits.

I know from firsthand experience that poor health can be expensive. I have had major surgery while my wife is diabetic and came close to degraded sight and foot amputation. I know this cost me a lot of money.

If people are financially stressed I wish them well and do not expect them to make any contribution.

However many people do benefit from my work and are in a financial position to make a small contribution. If you feel you have benefited I am suggesting a $5 contribution for a once off study but hopefully people will keep on coming back to see what is new when a $20 contribution per year may be more appropriate.

The modern version of corproate capitalism seems to be to obtain a monopoly by patens and make us much profit as possible.

My philosophy is to let everyone benefit from my technology and ask those who can afford to pay to contribute. That's why I call it the Robin Hood way.

I am anxious to encourage commercial growers to adopt these technologies for improved health and would like to work with them to promote their health beneficial produce.

These contributions are totally trivial with the costs of ill health. The donation button is on the base of this page.

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