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Good and bad - right and wrong

hungry beast

Do you have a hungry beast inside?

It may be slowly killing you.

The improvements in productivity from technology over the last half century are truly stunning, activities from production, agriculture and services are just so much more cost effective.

We produce enough food and products to satisfy the entire world’s needs (if it was fairly distributed) to satisfy everyone’s needs. This is good.

The bad side is that this technology has led to the creation of powerful multinational organisations that have so much money and control that they are almost beyond the law of any national Government – often they help create the laws. It is not that bad if consumer items – like smart phones – are dominated by a handful of companies. May be frustrating but no one is dying.

Food production is totally different.

Think about diabetes and ask do you have a hungry beast inside?

One of the worst modern inventions must be high fructose corn syrup, it is cheaper and sweeter than even refined sugar and is virtually everywhere in processed foods from packed soup to hamburgers. But it is addictive the same as tobacco, alcohol and the drugs. This is the hungry beast inside.

For a healthy twelve year old sugars and carbs are great, it give them a massive burst of energy as the body produces bulk insulin to release the energy. But this takes a toll as the body becomes resistant to insulin and the pancreas (that produced the insulin) has to works harder leading to insulin deficiency and intolerance. Diabetes here we come.

The excess sugar is then converted to fat in the liver leading to the sister illnesses - heart attacks, strokes and cancer - here we come again.

Professional doctors and dieticians say that this can be stopped or even reversed simply by changing the diet to include abundant fresh green vegetables - so easy right?

But the fact is that diabetes and the sister illnesses far from going away are increasing at an alarming rate making them the greatest health issue of our time.

Partly this is because modern fruit and vegetables are force fed using factory production methods so lack essential minerals and vitamins.

The biggest challenge is changing diet is easier said than done. Food must taste good and for vegetables that means really fresh – home grown in soil with the need minerals and biology.

colinMy business is innovation and in the 1990’s I developed a very simple system, now called the wicking bed to provide sustenance food for starving people in Africa. Wicking beds are now universal and allow anyone with a reasonable garden to grow fresh and healthy vegetables.

I am now developing an upgraded version of the wicking bed – called a wicking basket – which will allow anyone – even with no gardening skills, space or time to grow their own healthy food to grow healthy food.

I am writing three articles on wicking baskets.

The first looks at how carbs and sugars, particularly high fructose corn syrup are addictive and dangerous - but they need not be. Our bodies need sugar - there is nothing intrinsically bad about sugar - it is simply that the sugar hidden away in supermarket food is so highly processed that it is immediately absorbed by our bodies leading to a sugar spike.

The second article shows how anyone can grow healthy food in a wicking basket.

The third looks at how to prepare and cook vegetables so they really taste good. It is no good keep on telling people how healthy vegetables are if they do not taste good.

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You read the first article hungrybeastpart1.pdf here

More information on mini vegetables at www.healthyfoodassociation.com

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Sprouts, microgreens and baby green help cure diabetes and keep you slim.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2t1QplY2mk