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 Colin Austin  8 Nov 2011


Dear Readers,

It may seem that all is quite in the world of wicking beds as I have not updated my web for some months.

In fact life has been a whorl as I fight my battle to convince the powers that be, that the twin problems of food shortages and climate change can be largely offset by allocated areas of low grade land to grew deep rooted perennial’s which can extract nutrients from deep in the ground, regularly prune them and use the prunings as both a nutrient source and carbon sink in wicking beds.  This would simultaneously increase food production and embed carbon. 

On a global scale this is a massive project requiring advances in technology, logistics and global carbon trading.

This is way beyond my resources so the next step is to recruit both Sydney University department of sustainable agriculture headed by Professor John Crawford and The Farmland Irrigation Research Institute in XinXiang China headed by Professor Awang as allies.

Fortunately trial wicking beds have already been installed in XinXian under the direction of Professor Xiubin Qi.  I attended the Food security conference in Beijing where both institutes signed a memorandum of understanding for joint cooperation.

The next stage is for these organizations to present a case to their respective Governments for funding for the next stage of the project.  I have prepared a number of documents to argue the case.  These can be accessed from the following links.




politics_of_soil carbon.pdf

Of course there are now hundreds of users of the wicking bed technology, not just in Australia but in many other countries.  They have built their beds using information on my web site and email help and I regularly receive reports on their success.  These users have given me great encouragement when the battle seemed never ending and soon I hope that I can report success in moving this system to resolve the two great problems of food security and climate change.  Let’s hope for a great story on people power.





17  August 2010














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