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Wanted - regenerative farmers

We want to make contact with regenerative farmers who are prepared to grow food for health conscious people using the modernised traditional farming approach.

Just compare modern and traditional growing methods.

Modern food is high in sugars and fat but low in essential mineral, fibre and phyto-nutrients.

Our bodies have evolved a highly intelligent control system (in the gut-brain axis) which senses this lack of essential nutrients and creates irresistible food cravings. So we go and eat what is readily available, sugary fatty food - get fat, and suffer serious diseases, diabetes, strokes, heart attacks, dementia etc.

Every twenty minutes someone has a limb amputated because of diabetes.

But it is cheap and makes a lot of profits for the mega corporations and their financial backers.

By contrast traditional growing has soil rich in biology and nutrients so traditional societies did not suffer the chronic disease epidemic.

True without modern medicine many people died from infectious diseases but the ones that escaped did not just live a long life but they were active right into old age.

Compared with modern farming it was labour intensive and fickle so relatively expensive.

But what would happen if instead of using technology to create the modern chemical industrial agriculture for the profit of a few we were to use equally sophisticated technology but directed to improving the health of the population rather than profit.

This is modernised traditional agriculture.

True it is somewhat more expensive than chemical industrial agriculture but again the modern technology of e-commerce such as the site totally changes the picture as consumers can now buy directly from the grower which means the grower now gets the majority of the retail price which more than covers the extra production costs.

The consumer, the grower and society win.

The consumer get to eat fresh nutritious food which is the basis of health.

They also have access to a much wider range of plants offering specific health benefits. It also taste a lot better.

The grower gets a fair price for his efforts and can employ regenerative agriculture techniques improving the quality of his land.

Society benefits in the short term by reducing the monumental health costs of the chronic disease epidemic and long term because regenerative farming uses recycled food waste as a primary input so is preserving a natural resource and is capturing carbon into the soil helping in the battle against climate change.

It is simply a better system, so concerned growers why not display your products on the web site - it is totally free and will creating a totally new business stream for you as well as helping your fellow citizens.

Contact us as to learn more.

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