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Food for health - making it happen

Technically we know how to grow food to make people healthy and to reverse the chronic disease epidemic. But any new technology changes the way society works. Here we look at how society needs to change to take advantage of the improved ways of growing healthy foods.


Food for Health - overview


Overview of how food affects our health by changing our gut biology which controls what and how much we want to eat https://youtu.be/Yw-3YwuFow4?list=PLZTl8QH0bk5_pc9qEc0Ot_s8kKH9cAvzF

Food for health - quick and easy


Colin - the engineer - shows how he can make a meal in 5 minutes from garden to plate


Food for health - food shopping

Candy and Nana go shopping and we learn what kids want to buy


Food for health - cooking for taste

Lina shares her tips on how to cook food so it tastes good after a busy day at work


Food for health - gut biology

We may be winning the war against infectious diseases but non-infectious diseases or chronic diseases are outweighing the gains causing a health epidemic. The reason is damage to our gut biology which acts as an intelligent controller deciding how much and what types of food we want to eat. This is not going to be changed by some magic diet but by tuning each individuals gut biology by a customising diet.


The quality of our food dominates our health yet across the globe people are getting sick and dying from bad food.

To make is worse our soil and water for the future survival of our children is being destroyed to satisfy the greed of a few wealthy executives and financiers who control the food industry.

But it need not be this way - all people should have access to food for health - food which will make them healthy at a price they can afford.

We have the technology to make this happen - all it needs is for people to form groups and cooperate so they can buy directly from enlightened farmers.

The immense power of the mega corporations with it's multi billion dollar advertising seems untouchable but coordinated community action - people power - has even greater power for change.

I started the community action group - the Gbiota Club - to develop the technology to grow food for health. We have succeeded - we know how to economically grow food for health.
Now we have to make food for health available across the globe. Not easy but do-able.

People power can do it.

Growers want to grow food for health and conserve their soil. Similarly consumers want to eat food for health. Both growers and consumers want the same thing - but they are not coordinated - they need a way to work together as a team - how to create that team is now our challenge.

We need regional groups of health conscious consumers who can work with local growers to convince them there is a market for food for health and organise the distribution of food from farm to home.

We may lack the billions the food mega corporations spend - but time and time again people power with a firm belief has has triumphed overcome insurmountable obstacles.

Our belief is that that all people should have access to food for health at a price they can afford.

Together we can do this.

So why not join the Gbiota club in our battle to give all people food for health they can afford.

For my locality I have created a Facebook page 'Food for health Bundaberg' and I am asking you to join the Gbiota club and form you own local food for health group and create a similar page for your region.

Below is a list of articles you can study to learn more. I ask you to read these then email me colinaustin@bigpond.com so we can work out how we can work together to create people power in the food for health movement in your locality.

But first a little about the technology and then a short story.

GBiota beds

Some twenty years ago we developed and promoted the very simple concept of a Wicking bed with a water reservoir below the surface so water could wick up to the root zone of the plants - this has proved a very effective and water efficient growing system.

Now we have evolved this into the Gbiota bed in which a nutrient rich compost tea is pulsed on a flood and drain cycle into the water reservoir.

The aim is more than growing nutrient rich plants but to simulate the natural process of improving gut biology which has a profound effect on health.

We see one application as growing baby greens to act as sugar blockers in the battle against diabetes, overweight and other chronic diseases. We invite interested people to join us in the Gbiota club to help reverse the current health epidemic.


The story of good Sir phytonutrients and his battle with the dodgy butcher


There is nothing like a good tense fairy story drama - and there is one going on right now and this is how it goes -


ft1.jpgOnce upon a time my wife Xiulan, a qualified doctor got diabetes - looked liked ending up a blind cripple - and the food and medical industry seemed determined that was the way it was going to stay when galloping along on a white horse came the gallant knight - Sir Phytonutrients.

Yes phyto-nutrients in the form of fresh high nutrient vegetables returned her blood sugar to normal and we all lived happily ever after - no not the end.


ft2.jpgThere are some 500 million diabetics around the world which means every thirty seconds someone has a leg chopped off. The moral of that story could be don't buy mince from a dubious butcher but Sir Phytonutrient said no - I can save the world if you give me a chance - just let people eat fresh high nutrient fruit and vegetables and the world will be a very different - and happier place.


ft3.jpgBut the evil genius - Dr Big Food - living in his castle which looks remarkably like a supermarket had different ideas and ruled that everyone should eat food full of fats and sugars and low in nutrients so he and his sister Lady Pharmaceutical could stay being very very rich.


ft4.jpg That's when Sir Phytonutrient came to me and said - you are the father of Wicking Beds - I need to grow vegetables full of nutrients which means lots and lots of biology and minerals - but if I put that in a Wicking Bed it will go very very pongy and everyone will run into the clutches of Dr Big Food and have their legs chopped off.

You must invent me a new type of Wicking Bed that is full of biology and nutrients and does not go pongy. So that is what I did - and I called it Gbiota in tribute to our Gut Biology which controls our health. And we all lived happily ever after - no not the end.


Image result for market garden Sir Phytonutrient said we need lots of growers - all over the world. We have white, yellow, brown, black and purple legs to save (with the help of Elon Musk's Mars rockets) and we have to tell these people they can save their legs if they listen to me and ignore Dr. Big Food and Lady Pharmaceuticals.

But I can't do that I told Sir Phytonutrient, I am an old man soon to be eighty and they have billions of dollars to spend on advertising and I don't have that sort of money so I am sorry Dodgy Butcher has an assured supply of raw material.


ft6.jpgThen said Sir Phytonutrient you need friend to help, lots of friends. Twenty years ago years you told a few friends about Wicking Beds and they told their friends and who told their friends now WIcking Beds are everywhere in the world.

You must go and ask your friends for help.


ft7.jpgOk I said to Sir Phytonutrient - I will write a story and call it Food revolution, then I will write more stories about how to reverse diabetes, and how to build Gbiota beds, and set about making a web site so people can buy food directly from the growers so the growers can earn a good living and consumers can buy at a reasonable price.

And so I wrote and wrote until my fingers ached and my eyelids fell shut and a fell asleep at my computer for three whole days.


ft8.jpgAnd when I woke up I listed all the stories at the bottom of my home page and waited to see if all my friends had deserted me or would come galloping over the hill on their fine horses to save all those peoples legs and put the dodgy butchers out of business.


ft9.jpgSo you can email me

- you can tell me that I am a senile old man who should be in care, that all this talk about glyphosate destroying our gut biology and the soil is just propaganda from extreme greenies

- that Monsanto is a wonderful company and look what a great job agent orange did in the Vietnam war and all that talk about birth defects is nothing to do with agent orange but because all Asian are homosexual (my wife is Asian and definitely not homosexual)

so please take me off your mailing list - which I will do with the greatest of pleasure



ft10.jpg - you can say how can I help and I will suggest you can become a Gbiota grower and I will help you with advice on how to set up a Gbiota bed

And how you can advertise on the new website I am creating Pickandeat.shop (all for free - that's my contribution) so people can buy your produce and they can be healthy and you can have a satisfying ethical business


ft12.jpg - or maybe you can set up a food hub where produce from the various farms can be boxed for easy pick up,

- or you can tell you friends about Sir Phytonutrient both physical and on social media so the message about the magic of phytonutrients gets out.

- or at the very least you can feel happy that someone worries that your grand kids and their grands kids have a sustainable world to live in with good healthy food from healthy soil. No not the end.

And now I wait for the emails so I know how the story finishes.

Colin Austin

ps you may think I am a bit obsessive about diabetes, well being a blind cripple is pretty motivating, but the fact is everyone should be eating healthy food full of phytonutrients not just for their health but for the planet. The Gbiota system is far less wasteful and actually recycles waste and restores the soil. Remember save the planet - it is the only one that's got chocolate.

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