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I am currently in China where my outgoing email appears to be blocked (it does not work anyway) so I will not be emailing any newsletters but I will post items of interest on this web.

Welcome Lina

Lina - arriving in Australia


linaWho is Lina and why should we all be happy?

Well Lina is my Chinese daughter and she has been trying to get a residents permit to live in Australia.

It came through and she is flying back with me from China in the middle of August.

Why should this make us all happy?

The quick answer she is a lot younger and prettier than me but that is not the real reason for celebration.


I am hoping that Lina can make a major contribution to my project of improving diet and health.

Let me explain - it is some twenty years since I sold Moldflow and since then I have been passionate about environmental issues, at first the degradation of soil and water and since Xiulan was diagnosed with diabetes this merged into diet and health which is an even bigger issue.

I am always a little sceptical of doomsday preachers of Armageddon.

The simple fact is that overall people throughout the world are better fed than ever before - due in part to the dramatic increase in productivity of global agriculture. But this does not mean that the food industry is creating a semi paradise - far from it.

Food production is now controlled by a handful of multi-nationals which by the rules of our society are focused on profits above all else - and how do they make their massive profits?

Simple - by selling us food that we what we want to buy - food that is convenient, cheap and tasty.

So what is so bad about that?

Although we may like to think that we are a unique species we are at heart (or should I say stomach) still animals.
hungry beast Food is now abundant and we just love it - we just gorge ourselves on food which is full of fats and sugars.

This is the hungry beast inside.

But there is a downside - this combination of sugars and fat is addictive – so once hooked we just eat more and more of it and it is slowly killing us. The worst is high fructose corn syrup which is in virtually all processed food from bread to takeaways.  It is cheap, very sweet and highly addictive - just perfect for making money for the food processors.

Now I have written and written about this - gigabytes of articles over the years - on how this can be resolved by a diet rich in minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients which are both healthy and rebuild our bodies but also make us feel satisfied - so it solves the food addiction.  

This is not rocket science - it is easy and it is not just me - there is a whole army of doctors and nutritionist who are preaching exactly the same message.

Just Google or search on YouTube using diet and health and you will see just how well this simple idea is accepted by health experts.

My little booklet  ‘How to grow (or buy) healthy food’ summarises this research and gives practical solutions. It is not just me there are numerous highly qualified and well-meaning doctors promoting healthy food.  True we may have a band of hard core followers but generally we have not persuaded the majority of people to change there diet.

Why have we failed?  Because the advice is negative - simply telling people to give junk and processed food just does not work.  It is no good simply telling someone addicted to tobacco, alcohol or drugs to stop.  The same with junk and processed food - we must offer a viable alternative of  really tasty food.  We have failed to show people how healthy food can be made to be really tasty.
banquest So this is where I get back to Lina. Let me tell you she is a good cook. I am not just talking about the superb banquets that the Chinese excel at (yes she can turn out those delicious fourteen course extravaganzas).  These are no more typical of Chinese food than the greasy street corner take away.

Traditional Chinese food is basically very simple - a base or rice in the South and noodles in the North with an assortment of vegetables including starchy vegetables like pumpkin and sweet potato and a variety of green vegetables.  These are always cut and eaten fresh and flash cooked using steam or quick fry so the nutrients are preserved.

But the real skill of the traditional Chinese cook is making these basically simple dishes taste really good.  The trick is the addition of counter flavours (sweet and sour spicy and fruity) together with spices, herbs, fruits and nuts and other ingedients.  The foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in Western China, the source of the major Asian rivers, is the richest area in the world for both culinary and medicinal herbs.

This is what I am hoping Lina will teach us over the coming months. 

We are planning a series of videos - which we are calling ‘Chinese home cooking’ which will show you how to make these delicious and healthy meals.

We are talking about meals which are quick and easily made which taste really good and are healthy.
lina_cooking We are not aiming to usurp the cooking shows on TV with their complex menus - rather our aim is to show you how to make a really delicious meal twenty minutes after coming in from work while supervising the kids homework, feeding the cat, making the beds and all those things that busy people have to do in a modern life.

These will be on YouTube but you may like to put your name on my mailing list so I can notify you when the videos are published.

Just email me with your name and email address.