I am undertaking a major rework of my web sites.

www.waterright.com.au is over 15 years old and contains many technical articles on the more effective use of water, growing high nutrients plants and of course wicking beds. However the sheer volume of articles has often meant that people have difficulty in finding the most relevant article for their needs. This web is therefore being redesigned as a reference library for ease of searching.

www.wickingbeds.com is being converted to a responsive web design covering the basics of wicking beds – a wicking bed 101.

www.healthyfoodassociation.com will provide a direct link between growers and consumers. We live with an abundance of cheap high energy food but often lacking in critical minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients.

While plants are the major source of these critical nutrients they must be grown in soil where the basic minerals are not just present but available to the plants. Consumers want direct contact with their growers to ensure that the required growing protocols are being adopted.

This site will provide a free notice board where growers can show what produce they have for sale and how they ensure their produce contains these essential nutrients. Consumers can search to what produce is available from growers in their locality and establish direct contact with them. It will essentially act as an introductory system between health growers and consumers looking for a healthier food system.

This is a major rework which will take some weeks, so expect regular changes in these web sites.  If yo have any questions please feel free to contact me directly by email.