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Excess fat  in the liver and pancreas Wicking bed baskets can be ameliorated by baby greens - young greens which can have forty times the nutrient value of mature greens.  To read the latest chapter in our diabetes saga goto diabetes and learn real life lessons about the dangers of sugars and fats.
sprouts, microgreens and baby greens Baby greens have forty time the nutrient content of mature greens yet are the easiest to grow in a wicking bed basket - just load with seed pack and water and sit back.

This video shows what the wicking basket contains when delivered and how to fill and seed.

New video on growing sprouts, microgreens, babygreens in wicking baskets

Also on YouTube http://youtu.be/X2t1QplY2mk

Wicking bed baskets are available for sale hear - cost $48 including P & P but exluding Tasmania and Western Australia.

Three version currently availble
baby kale (the most nutritious)
baby spinach (includes Egyptian spinach  (see comment below)
baby greens (the most tasty)

Immediately available just Colin Austin email me

For full list of all files on this web goto index_date_subject

Sprouts, microgreens and baby green help cure diabetes and keep you slim.  Grow Egyptian spinach as used but Mark Antony to keep Cleopatra happy.  Let me know if it improves your sex life too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2t1QplY2mk