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I have been doing a major clean up of the recent articles on my web site focusing on my current themes of diet and health and how to grow healthy food.

As you can see I have put this on my home page for now.  If you want to look at older files or other subjects you can still use library.  I have checked the links but if you find any errors please let me know.

I am currently in China where my outgoing email appears to be blocked (it does not work anyway) so I will not be emailing any newsletters but I will post items of interest on this web.

I would recommend soils for healthy food for a quick 1 page read and  How to Grow (or buy) healthy food  for a  serious  in depth  detailed analysis  (but is 55 pages long) at diet and health

Diet and health

soils for healthy food  wickimix.htm 4/07/2015
How to grow (or buy) healthy food  xiulan1-10.pdf 1/07/2015
Nutrition.htm 27/04/2015
regeneration.htm 27/04/2015
hungry beast.pdf 21/02/2015
The food revolution.pdf 14/11/2014
breathing_soils.pdf 7/11/2014
How hormones control appetite Newsletter Aug 2014 20/8/2014
Newsletter_July_2014 20/6/2014
Newsletter_June_2014 20/6/2014
Shanghai/Wuhan talk Newsletter 8th May 2014 20/5/2014
Shanghai.pps 20/5/2014
newletter 14_april_2014.htm 20/4/2014
The biology revolution.pdf 19/09/2013
newsletter june 2013.htm 20/06/2013
The next great change.pdf 16/07/2012
Diabetes 20/9/2012
The coming food revolution 20/8/2012


soils for healthy food  wickimix.htm 4/07/2015
How to grow (or buy) healthy food  xiulan1-10.pdf 1/07/2015
Breathing soil.pdf 7/11/2014
Soils for wicking beds   soil.pdf 3/27/2013
the_biological_revolution.pdf 19/9/2013
newsletter march 2013.htm 20/3/2013
How to make quality soil soil_maker.html 20/2/2012
James Bond spoof on soil  (r)   00 and the soil princess 14/12/2012
soil_ regeneration.htm 26/03/09


Wicking beds

OffTrack.pdf 27/04/2015
how to built a wicking bed instruction.htm 22/04/2015
wicking_bed_history.htm 22/04/2015
wbinfo.htm 22/04/2015
stinkybeds.htm 22/04/2015
More on stinky beds  Newsletter_March_2014.htm 22/04/2015
principles.htm 22/04/2015
Newsletter_August_2014.htm 22/04/2015
Newsletter_August_2014.pdf 22/04/2015
how water moves through the soil    how_water_moves.htm 16/09/2014
stones again 16/09/2014
stones 16/09/2014
Soil for wicking bed soil.pdf 16/09/2014
principles of wicking beds   principles.htm 16/09/2014
newletter 12 Jan 2014.htm 20/1/2014
Wicking_Baskets.pdf 20/1/2014
Its all rubbish.pdf 9/01/2014
Wicking_bed_technology.pdf 9/01/2014
Evolution_of_the wicking_worm_bed.pdf 9/01/2014
newsletter november 2013.htm 20/11/2013
newsletter march 2013.htm 20/3/2013
New developments in wicking bed technology 20/9/2011
innovation.htm 20/8/2011
aeration.htm 20/7/2011

About the Author

About Colin Austin-story.pdf 20/06/2006
About Colin Austin.pdf 30/05/2006
Author.htm 25/04/2003
Author.jpg 15/04/2003
large_scale_adoption 18/08/2010



Sprouts, microgreens and baby green help cure diabetes and keep you slim.

dietvideo12Oct2014 12/10/2014

Carbon Capture

innvitation_for_joint_resarch.pdf 9/05/2011
China,flood.pdf 26/04/2011
Innovation_in_soil_carbon.pdf 6/04/2011
preface.htm 18/08/2010